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About Us

About Us

Peak Performance Shotokan Karate-Do is located in New Brighton, Minnesota and has been in operation since 1992.  We currently offer high quality martial arts instruction in the northern Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  We offer classes with a strong emphasis on the core values of the martial arts – self-discipline, self-confidence and self-control.  Based on traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate training, combined with the current needs of our members, we provide a proven system for success and advancement. 

We are an officially accredited dojo of the Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) that is led by the world-famous karate master Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Degree Black Belt.  Soke Kanazawa’s organization currently includes about 2 million members in over 100 different countries around the world. 

Peak Performance Shotokan Karate-Do and its instructors are officially licensed by the Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) so you can be sure that we provide only the highest quality instruction in our programs.

Youth and Adult Karate Classes; Tia Chi

We specialize in pre-karate (4-6 year olds) and youth programming. Not only do we have classes at Peak but we provide classes for St. Anthony Community Center, Creative Kids Academy and the YMCA. We have family rates when parents decide they want to have as much fun as their kids. Or we have classes for the serious martial artist. See Dojo Information for schedule and fees.

Tia Chi classes are taught by Dale Kukielka. Please contact Chris at the Dojo for more information on classes.

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Traditional martial arts training


Chris Johnson, 6th Dan


CHIEF INSTRUCTOR  Sensei Chris has been training Shotokan Karate (traditional Japanese karate) since 1985. She achieved her first level of black belt in 1992. Over the years she has trained and tested for subsequence ranks, achieving her 6th Dan rank in 2014.   

In 2002 she became owner and Chief Instructor of Peak Performance Shotokan Karate-Do dojo located in New Brighton, MN. Her school teaches all ages of students, specializing in youth programs. Sensei Chris is also honored to be teaching preschool programs at Creative Kids Academy in the Minneapolis area and youth/adult programs for the YMCA Emma B. Howe-Coon Rapids.   

Sensei Chris has also served on the Shotokan Karate International Federation-USA board of directors since 2005; an organization dedicated to growing Shotokan Karate schools throughout the Uinted States. This organization is the USA branch of Shotokan Karate International Federation located in Japan and founded by Kanazawa Soke. Sensei Chris is a certified instructor, judge and referee through SKIF. And has competed on the international stage in Kata.

Gene Smith, 6th Dan


Sensei Gene Smith began training in Japan in 1979 while serving in Tokyo as a member of the US Air Force. He trained with and competed in many tournaments with the Japanese Air Self Defense Air Force in Japan from February 1980 to June 1982.  He earned his first dan in November 1980.  The only non-Japanese person ever to hold any rank in the Japanese Air Self Defense Force Karate Organization (at that time). In 1981 he became a member of the SKIF home dojo where he trained and taught until 1983. He had the honor of training personally with Kancho Kanazawa Hirokazu.  In 1983, while assigned to a US military installation on Pirinslik, Turkey, he organized a small informal dojo. He became a member of Peak Performance dojo in 1996 where he currently trains and teaches.  He has attended numerous SKIF seminars in Hawaii, California and Minnesota. Placed second at the Central Minnesota Karate Kumite Championships, 2000. Was a  member of Team USA in the First SKIF World tournament:  Individual Kumite and Kata , Team Kumite. And also a member of Team USA in the Ninth SKIF World tournament:  Individual Kata.

He received his Roku Dan (6th Dan) in June 22, 2013.

Dan Mathieu, 3rd Dan


Sempai Dan has been training and teaching at Peak Performance since 2007 after hours of watching his two daughters on the training floor. He received his Shodan (1st Dan) in 2011 and his Sandan (3rd Dan) in 2017.

Greg Sullivan, 3rd Dan


Greg has been training in Karate since 1973. He became a member of the ISKF/JKA in 1991, studying under Sensei Yutaka Yaguchi. He earned his Shodan in 1995 from Master Yutaka Yaguchi (9th Dan), and Master Teruyuki Okazaki (10th Dan). Greg has been a member of SKIF and the Peak Performance Dojo since 2004. Greg received his San Dan (3rd Dan) in 2013.

He started a Dojo in Pierre SD in 1993 which was very successful. Greg considers himself honored to have trained at ISKF Master Camp, ISKF / JKA Mountain States Camps, ISKF North Central Region Camps. In addition, Greg has attended numerous seminars under Soke Kanazawa, Kancho Kanazawa, Master Yutaka Yaguchi, Master Teruyuki Okazaki, Master Shojiro Koyama, Master Shigeru Takashina, Master Takayuki Mikami, and Master Masaaki Ueki.

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Peak Performance Shotokan Karate

2210 Silver Lake Rd, New Brighton, MN 55110, US

(612) 816-7195


Monday - Thursday: 5:30 - 8:00

Saturday: 11:00 - 12:30

Friday and Sunday: Closed

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